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i keep hoping that one day i’ll wake up and look exactly like daniel sharman

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¿help me choose? 😊


sometimes when I'm alone, i pretend I'm a fat mermaid, and all of the other mermaids make fun of me, calling me things like sea cow and whale, but then one day we are forced out of our sea kingdom into the icy depths of the arctic ocean. All of the others freeze to death, but I survive because of my beautiful, bodacious blubber, and I spend the remainder of my days frolicking through the ocean with my baby beluga friends. - Anonymous

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One small fact: you are going to die. Despite every effort, no one lives forever. Sorry to be such a spoiler. My advice is when the time comes, don’t panic. It doesn’t seem to help.

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The book thief // A Jewish fist-fighter // A man with an accordion heart // A woman cloaked in thunder // The boy whose hair remained the colour of lemons forever

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did you hear what happened to the cannibal who was late for dinner

everyone gave him the cold shoulder

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i am so sorry

it has been 9 months stop sending me hate for being rude to dennys

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My whole life, I’ve been looking to be a part of something special to feel special, but the truth is, I am special.

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